Welcome to the umbrella organization of the Historic Railways of Switzerland (HECH).

  • We at the HECH, our members and the employees in the affiliated associations support all activities and efforts to establish historic railroads in Switzerland and ensure their continued existence.
  • The members of the HECH are locally and regionally based and are spread across all parts of Switzerland.
  • They are concerned with the preservation and operation of the historic heritage of rail transport in every form: Locomotives, rail tractors, railcars, passenger coaches, freight cars, service cars and railroad infrastructure.
  • Trams, light railroads, mountain railroads and narrow-gauge railroads are represented just as much as standard-gauge railways

The same regulations and laws apply to the operators of historic railroads in Switzerland as to the Federal Railways or private railroads. One example: in order to be allowed to operate on tracks in Switzerland, the operators of a historic railroad need - in addition to many permits - liability insurance of CHF 100 million per damage event. This is one of the basic services that the HECH association offers its members in collaboration with the public transport insurer.